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The following books are recommended for review of sexual violence in society as well as churches. Application of the Hebrew/Christian Scriptures in pastoral care and recovery.
Entries marked * are preferred readings.

Ainscough, Carolyn & Toon, Kay. "Surviving Childhood sexual Abuse, Practical Self Help for Adults Who Were Sexually Abused as Children," Fisher Books, 2000

*Boyle, Lance A. "Wounded Churches, Wounded People, A View From The Trenches & Recovery Guidelines" Tate Publishing, Mustang OK. 2005

*Brown, Joanne Carlson & Bohn, Carole R. ed. "Christianity, Patriarchy, and Abuse;" New York: The Pilgrim Press, 1989

Bruni, Frank & Burkett, Elinor "A Gospel of Shame, Children, Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church" Perennial, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, 2002

Countryman, L. William. "Dirt, Greed & Sex, Sexual Ethics in the New testament and their Implications for Today," Philadelphia, PA. Fortress Press, 1988

Fortune, Marie Marshall. "Sexual Violence: The unmentionable Sin"
New York: The Pilgrim Press, 1983

*Fortune, Marie Marshall. "Is Nothing Sacred, When Sex Invades The Pastoral Relationship," San Francisco, Harper & Rowe, 1989

Fortune, Marie Marshall. ?Sexual Abuse in Christian Homes and Churches" Scottsdale, PA. Herald Press. 1993

*Gaede, Beth Ann, ed. ?When A Congregation Is Betrayed, Responding to Clergy Misconduct? Alban Institute, 2005

Greenfield, Guy, Ph.D. "The Wounded Minister, Healing from and Preventing Personal Attacks," Grand Rapids, MI. Baker Books, 2001

Grenz, Stanley J. & Bell, Roy D. "Betrayal of Trust, Confronting and Preventing Clergy Sexual Misconduct," Grand Rapids, MI. Baker Books, 1995

Hanna, Jeffrey W. "Safe and Secure, The Alban Guide to Protecting Your Congregation." The Alban Institute, 1999

*Honig, Lucy. "Picking Up" South Harpswell, ME. Dog Ear Press 1986

*Hopkins, Nancy Myer, The Congregational Response to Clergy Betrayals of Trust; The Liturgical Press 1998 [Published in association with the Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute, Collegeville Minnesota] ISBN 0-8146-2441-3
This small publication [50 pages] is clear, easy to read and a wonderful resource to share with parish leadership and congregants. It is a great piece to use in training of pastoral response teams.

*Hopkins, Nancy Myer, Laser, Mark, Editors Restoring the Soul of a Church; Healing Congregations Wounded by Clergy Sexual Misconduct; 1995 Alban Institute [Published in association with the Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute, Collegeville Minnesota] ISBN 156699-164-1
In this collection of readings, experts from among the pioneers in the field "describe the nature of the damage to churches and assess what can be done about it. This book is about crises and long-term healing strategies for damaged congregations that will restore them to being healthy communities of faith."

Lester, Andrew D. "Hope In Pastoral Care and Counseling" Louisville, KY. Westminster John Knox press, 1995

*Oswald, Roy M. "Clergy Self Care, Finding A Balance for Effective Ministry," The Alban Institute, 1991

Poling, James Newton. "The Abuse of Power, A Theological Problem" Nashville, TN. Abington Press, 1991

Rediger, G. Lloyd, "Clergy Killers, Guidance for Pastors and Congregations Under Attack," Louisville, KY Westminster John Knox Press, 1997

Trible, Phyllis. God And The Rhetoric of Sexuality, Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1978
Trible, Phyllis. Texts of Terror; Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1984

Wimberly, Edward P. "Using Scriptures in Pastoral Counseling" Nashville, TN. Abington Press, 1994

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APART is for pastors called or appointed to serve churches after previous clergy misconduct has occurred.

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