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Each of the participants is asked to write a brief description of the setting where they are serving with an overview of the history including previous abuses of power or violations of trust. These are distributed to each participant prior to the retreat. Case studies will be read prior to attending. At the retreat, each will be asked to share the difficulties they are facing at their church and how this is effecting their health, attitudes, families or effectiveness. Below is the material to be presented to each participant as we begin the retreat:


MISSION: To restore the integrity of the pastoral office wherever possible, and to practice self care during this difficult ministry. To recognize God's presence in the midst of our lives and in the communities we are serving.


PRIMARY GOAL: To provide a safe environment to allow after-pastors to share unique situations where they are serving and their reaction to identified dynamics.


SECONDARY GOAL: To begin to build an after-pastor support network.


To arrange for an after-pastor retreat in your area please contact: Minimum of 5 people needed, larger groups will be sub-divided.





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